Hidden Gem of Lombok Island

Indonesia is an archipelago country with the largest area in Southeast Asia, Indonesia has a very large diversity of cultures, such as Minang, Sundanese, Sasak, Betawi and many other cultures and also variety of regional dances, regional languages, traditional houses, and traditional clothing that has its own uniqueness.

Indonesia also has a diversity of natural beauty that is extraordinary and is no less beautiful compared to other countries. One of the natural beauties of Indonesia that is starting to get international attention is the beauty of the island of Lombok which has Sasak tribes located in NTB Province. Lombok Island is located between the island of Bali and the island of Sumbawa. Lombok Island is starting to be known for its beautiful beaches and has beautiful and exotic small islands which are the main destination for both foreign tourists and domestic. The Gili MATRA Watersports Park which stands for Gili Meno, Gili Air and Gili Trawangan. This area is a paradise for divers because of the extraordinary beauty of the underwater world and there are sea turtles that can easily be seen by snorkeling around the beach. Lombok also has an active volcanic mountain with a peak height of 3,726 m above sea level, Mount Rinjani which is famous for its beauty and unique shape that makes world climbers interested in enjoying the beauty of the summit of Rinjani. Mount Rinjani also has a turquoise lake and several waterfalls that amaze the eyes and have not been visited by many tourists. No less interesting Pink Beach can also be enjoyed on the island of Lombok. The beach, which is located in the southeastern part of Lombok, has pink sand, fine and soft texture. The reddish color is due to red coral fragments. Pink beach also has marine biota that is not less beautiful than the 3 dyke islands, coral reefs on the pink beach are very beautiful and could spoil the eyes with bright and varied colors.

Lombok Island has also obtained an official Dorna Sports contract (MotoGP organizer) to start organizing the race “Lombok MotoGP” In 2021. The international motor racing event will take place in South Lombok precisely in the Kuta area, under the name Mandalika Circuit. The race track with a length of 4.32 km and has 19 bend and can accommodate a capacity of 150,000 visitors is planned to begin construction in October 2019. ITDC (Indonesia Tourism Development Corporation) and construction company France's Vinci will be responsible for the development of the Mandalika project which is the largest project in Southeast Asia and is built on 1,175 hectares of land at a cost of US $ 3 million.

The “ Mandalika ” project received full support from the Government of Indonesia. other than that the construction of the circuit in Kuta Lombok, is currently also being carried out construction of public facilities of international standard such as schools, hospitals and other facilities as well as luxury hotels that will be completed and ready to be used in 2021.

Indonesia is currently a global investment magnet and has fairly high economic stability values ​​in the Southeast Asian region, especially with the presence of the MotoGP 2021. Many foreign investors flocked to invest and start businesses in Indonesia.

Article source : https://invest-islands.com/what-is-the-mandalika-project-kuta-south-lombok/

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